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Sechelt Movies


Score: 5.84 / 10
Released: June 8, 2018
Director: Ari Aster
Producer: Buddy Patrick, Kevin Frakes, Lars Knudsen
Studio: Elevation Pictures
Cast: Toni Collette, Alex Wolff, Milly Shapiro, Ann Dowd, Gabriel Byrne
Genre: Horror
Length: 126 minutes

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Hereditary Overview

Following the death of her mother and family patriarch, Annie Graham (Toni Collette) attempts to quell her grief and continue on with her life. She starts to notice strange occurrences following her family, mostly concentrated on her 13-year old daughter Charlie, (Milly Shapiro), who Annie says was her motherís favorite.

Charlie is a brooding and deeply disturbed teenager whose behavior begins to concern her family, including father Steve (Gabriel Byrne) and brother Peter (Alex Wolff). Paranormal forces plaguing the family begin to worsen, focusing much of their attacks on Peter. As ancestral secrets about the family begin to emerge, Annie must attempt to uncover the truth and overcome the spirits that threaten their safety.


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1  Cineplex Cinemas Esplanade (51.02km) 200 West Esplanade, North Vancouver, (604) 983-2762
Mon - Wed 6:30 9:25  
Thu 6:40 9:35  

2  Cineplex Cinemas Marine Gateway (54.03km) 452 South West Marine Drive, Vancouver, (604) 630-0414
Mon - Thu 1:00 4:00 7:00 10:05  

3  Fifth Avenue Cinemas (49.05km) 2110 Burrard Street, Vancouver, (604) 734-7469
Mon - Wed 12:40 3:30 6:30 9:25  
Thu 12:40 3:30  

4  Galaxy Cinemas Nanaimo (34.85km) 213-4750 Rutherford Rd., Nanaimo, (250) 729-8000
Mon - Thu 3:50 7:00 10:00  

5  Scotiabank Theatre Vancouver (49.63km) 900 Burrard Street, Vancouver, (604) 630-1407
Mon 12:50 3:55 7:30 10:30  
Tue 1:40 4:45 7:50 10:45  
Wed 12:50 3:55 6:55 10:00  
Thu 12:50 3:55 7:30 10:30  

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