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The Lady and the Duke

The Lady and the Duke
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Released: July 26, 2002
Director: Eric Rohmer
Producer: Françoise Etchegaray
Studio: Mongrel Media
Cast: Lucy Russell, Jean-Claude Dreyfus, François Marthouret, Léonard Cobiant, Caroline Morin
Genre: Drama
Length: 125 minutes

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The Lady and the Duke Overview

Grace Elliott (Russell) was a British beauty who was first mistress to the Prince of Wales (who later became England's King George IV) and then to the Duke of Orleans, who brought her to France to live in 1786.

By the time the Revolution begins, Grace and the Duke's ardour has cooled, yet there's no mistaking their passionate friendship. Each lights up with joy at the other's sight. However, the two are at odds politically. She's a royalist, faithful to King Louis XVI -- while he, although a cousin to the King, is not.

Politics aside, Grace manages to cajole the Duke into helping an injured aristocrat escape, but fails to keep him from voting for the King's execution.


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