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The Traveller (Al Mosafer)

The Traveller (Al Mosafer)
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Genre: Drama
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The Traveller (Al Mosafer) Overview

Nearing the end of his life, Hassan realizes he can recall only three days. In 1948, Hassan begins his first job by delivering a telegram to Port Said's great beauty, Nour, who becomes the love of his life -- but for only one night. In 1973, middle-aged Hassan gets a phone call from a woman who sounds exactly like Nour. When he meets the young woman, Nadia, he suspects he may be her father. In 2001, the elderly Hassan meets Nadia's son, Ali. Their similarities convince Hassan he has met his grandson -- but suddenly, Ali disappears. Although set against the backdrop of key moments in Egypt's recent history, "The Traveler" is about the personal, not the political. This enormously impressive debut is a moving meditation on a man's fumbling search for his identity, which reflects that of his nation.


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