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    Funny Boy

    Monday, November 30, 2020 4:33:56 PM | (Age Not Specified)

    Beautiful cinematography! and great performances by the cast; definitely worth watching in the cinema

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    A Carolina Christmas

    Sunday, November 29, 2020 11:27:10 PM | (Age Not Specified)

    A feel good Christmas story that is much needed for 2020. Forget about politics and pandemics while immersing yourself in 3 entwined stories.

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    The Plot Against the President

    Sunday, November 29, 2020 1:43:04 PM | (Age Not Specified)

    Great documentary, for all the negative partisan liberal reviews. All the information is out there if you looked at the recently released documents from the the DOJ. Obama’s administration easily the most corrupt in US history

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    Sunday, November 29, 2020 1:41:34 AM | (Age Not Specified)

    excellent amazing film as i just saw it a nine of of ten for sure and i can see this film getting a best movie of the year Nomination by the academy awards

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    Saturday, November 28, 2020 11:00:44 PM | (Age Not Specified)

    Miranda July does it again!

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    The Plot Against the President

    Saturday, November 28, 2020 9:51:34 PM | (Age Not Specified)

    There can be ZERO credibility to this be factual or documentary material. Trump is an autocrat and its his way or the highway. Trump and his cohorts has divided this country so badly these 4 years it could lead to internal conflict in the near future. Trump is the master of conspiracies. Just look at the 34 cases his nutjob lawyers have taken to court using every hair brained scheme they could think of to say the election was rigged. A bunch of TOTAL BS. All court challenges were thrown out within 15 minutes. What scares me is how gullible Americans and people are in general. My greatest fear now is in 4 years one of Trumps kids run for President. Heaven help the USA !!!

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    Hillbilly Elegy (Netflix)

    Saturday, November 28, 2020 11:46:31 AM | (Age Not Specified)

    A great story about the trials some have to over come in life, Made me tear up a few times ... I was happy to find out it was based on real life events. Enjoyed it

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    Gremlins 2: The New Batch

    Saturday, November 28, 2020 12:20:03 AM | (Age Not Specified)

    I loved that concept where the gremlins taking over in New York and there are mutant gremlins like veggie gremlin, spider gremlin, bat gremlin, a girl gremlin and a talking glasses brain gremlin. "Gremlins 2: The New Batch" happens to be my top favorite movie!

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    A Carolina Christmas

    Friday, November 27, 2020 11:32:18 PM | (Age Not Specified)

    Loved the intertwining storylines. John Wes Lewis was amazing as Tim and Ben the grinch were my favorites.Going again with more family.

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    A Carolina Christmas

    Friday, November 27, 2020 11:29:14 PM | (Age Not Specified)

    Such a great fun movie that warms the soul. Good for all ages, you and old. I took my 7 grandkids and they loved every minute. Merry Christmas! We need more movies like this.