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    Mission: Impossible - Fallout

    Monday, August 20, 2018 10:09:35 AM | (Age Not Specified)


  • 9

    Mission: Impossible - Fallout

    Monday, August 20, 2018 9:05:53 AM | (Age Not Specified)

    the movie was action packed. classic Cruise. Easily one of the best Mission Impossible movies in the franchise.

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    Crazy Rich Asians

    Monday, August 20, 2018 7:42:01 AM | (Age Not Specified)

    The movie is a typical love story. But it shows the life of rich Asian. And the actors was great.

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    Mission: Impossible - Fallout

    Monday, August 20, 2018 4:35:41 AM | (Age Not Specified)

    Terrible dialogue, stupid plot, too long

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    Slender Man

    Monday, August 20, 2018 12:20:55 AM | (Age Not Specified)

    Not very entertaining at all

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    Mission: Impossible - Fallout

    Sunday, August 19, 2018 11:45:39 PM | (Age Not Specified)

    I don't know why TC is still making movies....his expression has not changed in any of them.

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    Sunday, August 19, 2018 11:07:25 PM | (Age Not Specified)

    I really wanted to like this movie and truly tried to keep an open mind. The movie premise and story was pretty good, there was enough uneven continuity that was apparent but I could look past it. However, although I am a avid movie person seeing hundreds of films, this is one of the handful of movies my wife and I wanted to walk out and away from somewhere between the middle and the end. Getting political for the end was the final nail that made me angry and disgusted.

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    Christopher Robin

    Sunday, August 19, 2018 10:13:39 PM | (Age Not Specified)

    I really loved this movie and so did my 8 year old daughter, I like how after loosing his way Christopher Robin comes full circle ( but he really fights it) great show for all ages