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    The War with Grandpa

    Wednesday, November 25, 2020 12:31:13 AM | (Age Not Specified)

    Light-hearted and fun. Just what the doctor ordered. No blood, gore or nastiness. Good family viewing.

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    Tuesday, November 24, 2020 10:50:40 AM | (Age Not Specified)

    Kate Winslet is (typically) great in this. Good pacing, with an interesting story and some interesting themes that have, admittedly, been covered in other movies regarding same-sex relationships (Blue is the Warmest Color, Portrait of a Lady on Fire). Marginal recommendation.

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    The War with Grandpa

    Monday, November 23, 2020 7:14:55 PM | (Age Not Specified)

    You can jus see the liberalism wokyness drooling from DeNiros sick mouth with every sentence.